Facts about Generic Drugs

Talking of the safety of generic drugs, the FDA carries out regular on-site visits to pharmaceuticals reviewing the process of its production including their performance and ingredients.

Below is some more useful information that you may add to your knowledge.

Since Generic drugs (GD) have the exact same pharmaceutical components as the brand, their medication is exactly the same as the brand name drug medication. FairPriceRx stocks a variety of both generic and brand name and can give you the exact medication that you need.

Generic Vs Brand Name Drugs

Brand medicines can only be produced and sold by the patented company, which is a different case for the generic medicines. However, the fact that GD are much cheaper than brand confuses many people into thinking that perhaps generics are inferior to brand name ones. That is not so!

However, if you asked FairPriceRx, they will tell you all their properties are the same. The reason GD are cheaper is that brand drugs go through a lot of research and development as well as cost a lot to market. Generics are manufactured once the patent years of the brand name have expired and as such benefit from the R&D, significantly reducing their cost.

What Is The Future of Generic Drugs?

The future of these drugs is very bright as the market and demand for them ever increases. Since the cost of them is significantly lower than for medicines (GD cost is 80%-85% lower than the cost of brand one), there’s a push for the use of generic drugs in order to lower the cost of healthcare.

Also, there is optimism that GD use will grow in a few years’ time since a lot of crucial medicines have their patents expiring soon.