Importance of having an objective grip on the budget

Keeping an eye on the budget is, without a doubt, essential, but it is equally important not to be influenced by it. You first need to know what you want, only after you go to look at your budget, and if you do not cover your expenses, you can remodel the original idea so that it fits with it.

Generic estimate

We reiterate it, keeping an eye on the budget is essential. But precisely because it is essential, one cannot look at it as a roof to break through and this is why the estimate cannot absolutely be generic and you cannot start from a half poorly expressed idea and demand a quote that does not go beyond the budget available. All contingencies must be taken into account when building a house and the budget must take into account not only the basic budget, but also any extra costs. In the same way, the design of a website cannot ignore the problems that, almost inevitably, will arise at some point. Therefore, asking for a precise estimate, after providing an equally precise project, is essential. To get the professional help you must opt for LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

For the price of 1

Most agencies reject this type of request, and yet there are those who continue to request that two designs be provided for the price of one, or rather, have two projects done, and then choose one. It is thought that in this way you save time and money, because maybe you can even put both projects together, but the truth is that you will end up having a mediocre one and this is among the common mistakes in the creation of a website.

The design of a website involves much more work than you imagine, asking to have a design or part of it for free is not only not ethical, but in reality it does not even guarantee the quality of work  what is free is never done really well.

Make an approximate brief

A website brief is a diagram, a sort of logbook in which all the steps to be followed to create the website are concentrated. A common mistake is to think that it is sufficient to simply indicate a lineup, a list of things to do, but this is not the case. Contrary to what can be imagined (brief, after all, in English means short), a brief must be as detailed as possible.

Keep the old website

If the site is old, there is a reason, if you choose to change it, there is a reason. Starting from the contents and the map of the old site does not help much, if not to confuse even more ideas. You can keep something of the old site, of course, but otherwise the brief serves to start from scratch.