We can help with the needs and the demands of the latest generation for web designing

Our web sites and online stores are designed with the latest generation, which is the latest trend in the world. Equally important to web design, we put the correct marathon look at content and structure, and we understand marketing and we know how to challenge the user and keep him on what you want to tell him.

The advantages of our product are as follows

  • Perfect visualization and excellent working functionality on every device.
  • Built according to the top trends in the world   modern, enchanting and always up to date with the latest.
  • Unique vision in the style of your brand that will distinguish you from competitors and grab users.

Individual solutions tailored to the needs of your business

Structure and content aimed at generating, enhancing and retaining the intercession and attention of your client. Responsive web design is a site based approach where page layout adapts to screen size, orientation, and platform for each device. Using this approach ensures that your site content will be available to different types of mobile devices. To get professional service you must opt for LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company.

Attention and attitude to each project

We dedicate the time, attention and attitude to all projects and services. For each of the Services we offer the opportunity to discuss all the details and opportunities of a personal meeting in our office in Sofia or in a convenient place for you.

Project approval process in several steps

Each project is subject to client approval in several different stages. This ensures that the product you receive will best meet your requirements and preferences.

Content management system

Each Compass web site has an easy and convenient control panel that makes editing and adding content happening in a few clicks.

Product ownership

After production, you get all ownership of the product and do not commit to fees and maintenance if you do not want to.

Professional Guidance

If you do not have a clear concept or have hesitations   do not worry! We will give you advice and guidance, as well as a selection of proven working practices.

Today for most companies, commercial or public organizations have their own website   this is not a fashion trend. Website development is a necessity. A necessity dictated by the rapid development of e commerce and the constant growth of network users. Making a website with a contemporary Internet presence for your company will allow you to advertise your products and services, optimize your communication with customers and partners, sell online and make profits.

Pre design analysis before site development

At this stage of site development, a series of preliminary work is being done to help determine the concept of the future project in order to have an effective start of the project.